Trading and Cargo Services:
special attention to your business from the design phase to the transport of goods with full information on the status of your shipment.

We provide a bilingual team, specializing in customs clearance, logistics advisory door-to- door in modal (air, sea or road) follow the progress of imports from placing orders abroad to release and delivery at the place determined by the customer.

  • Assist in the previous cost of import, tariff classification, issue of the import license and export registration, and its release in the competent bodies;
  • Indication of maritime routes for freight transport and closing, or even collecting door-to-door;
  • Monitoring of transport to arrival at the final destination port;
  • Customs clearance with the issue of DI, DSI, DDE or SDRs, and other cargo release documents, transport and delivery at the location indicated by the importer.

Prospection of International Market


Who want to have as main objective to provide strategic information and competitive for the entrepreneur realize their export optimized and assertively.

You need to expand and find new market to your product, export with Cosmos Logistics and Port Services team, we can  prepare a market study and perform an on-site research in preselected country.

The research aims to evaluate the competition, identifying customers among other business information.

Information offered:

  • Size and target market characteristics
  • Logistical costs
  • Taxation
  • Commercial practices and consumer preferences
  • Identification of distribution channels for the product and potential customers or partners
  • Sales representatives or distributors
  • Tariff and non-tariff barriers
  • Regulatory environment in the destination country and trade agreements
  • Average prices of products, types of packaging used in the market
  • Provides grant to sales price calculations in foreign markets
  • Among other detailed information and specific
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Air and Maritime Freight
  • Special Cargos – Projects Cargo
  • Clearances Customs
  • Domestic Transport
  • Full Customs Assistance
  • Tax classification
  • Non-Automatic Licensing
  • Import Declaration
  • Spare Parts Clerance – Customs Transit (D.T.A.)
  • Total Assistance to exporters
  • Export registration via Siscomex
  • Export documents
  • Financial Operations ROF-Registration
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Special Customs Regimes


International Purchase


Purchasing refers to a business or organization attempting to acquire goods or services to accomplish the goals of your Bussiness.

Meet the needs of the manufacturing function or other internal functions for which it was buying

  • Play a role in keeping the operation running smoothly by ensuring a reliable source of supply

International Insurance


Every international shipment presents potential risks of damage and loss. Moreover, piracy and hijacking are growing threats, leading to the interruption of critical business operations caused by a loss of assets. International transit and commercial cargo insurance can insulate your organization from the debilitating effects of such hazards.

Contact us to discuss how our transit and commercial cargo insurance can address your organization’s specific international shipping insurance needs.