Brazilian South Ports loses space in exports, North arc has jumping 16%

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Vila do Conde Port Complex Jun/2016

The participation of Arc-South fell from 82% to 66% in four years on exports from Mato Grosso soybeans, while the Arco Norte grew from 18% to 34%. From January to May, Mato Grosso embarked only on soy 10,493,000 tons only in grains, which resulted in around $ 3.724 billion.

The southern Brazilian ports follow with greater participation in shipments of Mato Grosso grain, but in recent years there has been a growth in demand for Barcarena (Vila do Conde) ports and Santarém, Pará, São Luiz (MA) and Manaus (AM).

“It is possible that in the coming years the north further increase its significance as the improvement of infrastructure, sometimes in the transport, now in storage, since this distance shortening is advantageous for two of the largest production regions of the state, earning the reduction of freight costs and become more competitive MT of soybeans in the market, “punctuates the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (IMEA) in its weekly bulletin of soybeans.

The port of Santos (SP) were disposed of 5.477 million tons. Already the port of Paranaguá (PR), which always remained in second place, only 471,900 tons. The data are from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex), linked to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and (MDIC). As the numbers for Barcarena (PA) were exported from January to May 1.009 million tons, making the port the second largest drainer of soy from Mato Grosso.

For Santarém (PA), points to Secex, were 962,600 tons and Manaus (AM) 952 500 tons. Already in São Luiz (MA) 654 040 tons and Vitória (ES) 550 300 tons.


Source: AgroOlhar