Executive Transfer / Crew Management


For passenger transport, we offer services with cars and vans, in this type of activity, the company is fully responsible for the transport of crew, technicians, employees and executives for companies; Reception and customer carry at airports and ports and other activities necessary to our customers.

In the case of any charter, we have the provision of individual services, as results of specific needs of our customers

The service offered by the company comprises from design through the passenger transport to the informative report on what happened, The company has a smart structure, has its own fleet and registered partners with vehicles in those categories Smart, Standard, Executive, Group.

Description Product / Service

Transport of persons (crew, technicians, executives and employees) companies. Reception and tranfers of customers and volumes at airports, ports, hotels and among other activities you may need, including customs and immigration document orders to authorities, such as visas and registration. 



Smart: This category includes popular cars Compact 1.0 for short-term requests, cars with capacity of Port-bags 280Litros, reduced price and availability 24.






Standard: Main Category with Cars sedan with 1.4 Capacity Luggage carriers of 500Litros, prices with great cost benefit, requests must be scheduled.






Executive: Category cars with 1.8 Executives with Capacity Luggage carriers of 480Litros for customers who prefer to cars with comfort, requests must be scheduled.






Group: Category with minivans / SUVs and Vans to transport groups from 5 people, requests must be scheduled.

A 4734

* We have road trailers for volumes of up to 300 lbs, see values.
* Car Option for Smokers only in Category Smart,




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