Ministry of Transport has 30 days to review possible to maritime agreement with Chile

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The Ministry of Transport will take about 30 days to review the possibility of Brazil to report maritime agreement with Chile. After the folder present their studies if the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) continues favorable to the complaint, Brazil effective output of the bilateral treaty still take about four months, according to the Itamaraty.

The complaint proposed agreement was presented Wednesday during the first meeting of Camex at the Presidential Palace after the president, Michel Temer, go to preside over the chamber.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra, among other ministries there was consensus that Brazil should leave the treaty. “The Ministry of Transport asked for time to be able to study, since it affects their area. We’ll see what Transport will present, but the position is already established between the other members of Camex,” said Serra.

Executed in 1974, the maritime agreement with Chile was renewed for four years in 2015. This means that, without the initiative of Brazil’s complaint, the agreement is in force at least until 2020. The agreement provides that only ships with Brazilian flags and Chile may carry cargo between countries.

The treaty is reminiscent of a time when there were a number of similar agreements with the aim of encouraging the shipping industry. Currently, however, sectors of industry and agribusiness advocate the termination of the agreement on the grounds that more expensive freight.

For entrepreneurs, today the agreement benefits only two companies: Chilean Hamburg Süd and Hapag Lloyd Brazil, both subsidiaries of large groups from Germany. The issue will be discussed at the next meeting of Camex.

Source: Diario de Pernambuco (PE) / Brazil Agency
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