Company Policies

Vila do Conde Port Complex

Vila do Conde Port Complex


The business model 

The market is markedly fierce, where the price and scale can be understood as very important factors for operational success of a company in this industry, we value the quality of service, security, transparency and timeliness both in service delivery and in issuing documents and notes.

In order to achieve a competitive advantage with competitors or even the most discerning customers, Cosmos Log has chosen to align its working method with internal Quality Standards.

Cosmos Log is committed to customer service and customer satisfaction, as well as the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. In order to meet its Quality Policy, the company focuses on some goals: improve customer service; increase customer satisfaction; continuously improve the services, processes and quality management system; involve and engage employees.

To register the company’s commitment; to be clear and objectiv with customers, employees and directors, you can fallow our:

Company guidelines

Mission: Offering safe and reliable transport solutions to our customers.

Vision: Provide services with Amazonian expertise, with large knowledge on Shipping Business and Port Logistics for a safety and smooth operation to your cargo or business.

Goals and Values: Optimize and streamline the process of work to meet our Quality Policy and Social Responsibility